My name is Benjamin Kegels, I'm the manager and founder of KERA ENERGY . My company specializes in the development of solar cooking in Africa. Its purpose is to help and support NGOs and businesses in their distribution of solar cooking with people. For that I work with NGOs and European and African companies.

My experience and knowledge of the world of solar cooking began in 2008 during my first trip to Africa in Mali.

As I walked through the country from Bamako to Bandiagara I found that all ethnic groups that I met had a common problem: ENERGY RESOURCES . Energy wood is their only resource, but in these desert areas it is increasingly scarce and increasingly expensive.

Very few reliable and sustainable alternatives are offered to families: From gas but often shortage of electricity in urban areas often failed and some solar panels ...

However, the sun shines every day and offers an inexhaustible source of energy. I could find in the villages I passed through solar cookers, but often abandoned condition. After exchanging with village women, they told me that the cookers were donated by NGOs or tourists, they do not really know and use their power did not match their energy needs ...

Back in France I immersed myself in the world of solar cookers and I began to educate myself on the field.

I became the director of the NGO Sur la Piste who will develop solar cooking projects in Africa. I went back 3 times in Mali from 2008 to 2011. With village women and team RUNWAY we worked on the development of solar cookers that are tailored to their own energy needs and how they cook.
in 2011 after the completion of several prototypes we have designed a cooker Solar: THE SOLARIO . It allowed to the "To" (traditional dish in Mali) so as fast as fire and for a family of 10 people. It could be used with traditional pots painted black (with slate). This cooker pemettait economy 5 kg of wood per day per family. There could be an additional alternative energy.

The next step was the implementation of awareness-raising, training and support future users of solar cookers ... For that he needed a strong local involvement.

With RUNWAY we mounted partnerships with local NGOs to ensure these steps support and awareness.
Yet there was the technical part, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of solar cookers to implement . With the goal of sustainability and autonomy of the project we thought it important that this be done by local companies. It is at this point that I created KERA ENERGY.
My goal was to support parallel projects On Track, specialized local companies in solar cooking.

Our first projects were for Mali now MALI-TILE , but the security situation in 2011 has prevented the realization of our projects.

We decided to continue our projects in Burkina Faso.

With Sur la piste and CODEGAZ we set up a first support 100 families project in Burkina Faso, in partnership with two local NGOs, APV and ASIENA. The technical part was carried out in partnership with local company ENERGY NEWS .

This project was to raise awareness and support 100 families have acquired a solar cooker and Bitam toré. These families have agreed to receive training and coaching for several months. Facilitators hired full-time monitoring users daily for seven months . They collected information on all use of cookers. This study enabled a database for include:. Energy needs of families, economies of wood and made ​​sets of meals using solar cookers

KERA ENERGY is busy processing and management all the data collected. These databases allow us to project ourselves in very concrete ways on how best to develop ownership of the solar cooking Sahelian zone.

The success of the project has two extensions and the project went to 139 families with ...

We are currently working on opening a factory of local manufacture of solar cookers and a next support 900 families and 100 schools in Burkina Faso project ...



Specializing in the development of solar cooking in the Sahel Company:
• Advocacy, communication and training
• Support NGOs and businesses in their development projects sustainable and inclusive
• Feasibility studies, consulting



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